Truss Roofing

Truss Roofing

A truss is a structural framework designed to provide support and strength for a roof. It helps as the roof’s frame. They stretch the space above rooms at regular intervals and supported by longitudinal posts. They are basically triangular wooden structures designed to keep a roof’s integrity.

NJ INDIA provides high-quality, well-structured truss roofing for buildings, which allows roofing materials to last for a long time. For Truss roofing, we only use high-quality materials and skilled technicians, which keeps your roof safe and beautiful to your home.

NJ Roof Fabrications does truss work with any brands as per the customer’s preference. Gi, gp and ms materials are used for truss roofing in NJ
In Kerala, GI and GP are appropriate for any climate. Outside of Kerala, MS material is frequently used.

Installation process

● Marking layout{image optional}

● Platform preparation for truss assembly

● Truss assembly

● Painting of assembled truss

● Column installation

● Bracing installation

Benefits of truss roofing

● Roof trusses can save on-site costs

● Better project cost control, with component costs known in advance

● Shell completion time is reduced.

● In place of beams and columns, trusses of smaller dimension lumber are used.

● Greater flexibility in locating plumbing, duct work, and electrical wiring