NJ India trading PVT.LTD is a leading company around India that provides all types of roofing products and rain gutters. Nj India trading PVT.LTD has multiple products under the domain with more than 200+ staff.

Stone-coated metal roof tiles are one of the preferred roofing choices globally. It is well-accepted by leading architects and homeowners for its high durability and aesthetic design options. We proudly represent NJ India roofing system their exclusive distributor for India

Beautiful Strong Long Lasting

NJ Stone Coated Roofing offers five Distinct profiles that will enhance the curb appeal and value of any home while providing durability, performance & protection that will last

Shake Roof Tile

★ Engineered to replicate hand-split wood shake with the durability only metal can provide.

NJ Shake Sunset Brown

NJ Shake Midnight Brown

NJ Shake Coffee

NJ Shake Peanut Brown

NJ Shake Black

NJ Shake Peanut

Shingle Roof Tile

★ Adds long-life and beauty to alow profile high wind resistant shingle that carries a class 4 impact rating aginst hail.

NJ Shingle Hickory

NJ Shingle Midnight Blue

NJ Shingle Charcoal

NJ Shingle Midnight Peanut

NJ Shingle Midnight Grey

NJ Shingle Forest Green

Vintage Roof Tile

★Resembles the authentic look of spanish tile while increasing your home's value

NJ Vintage Shadow Red

NJ Vintage Painted Desert

NJ Vintage Cool Tile

NJ Vintage Black

NJ Vintage Terracotta

Vintage Autumn Brown

NJ Vintage Harvest Gold

NJ Vinatge Rustic Brown

Classic Roof Tile

★ Unique offset, multi-grooved, deep weather side-lap that creates a classic cottage look

NJ Classic Terracotta

NJ Classic Peanut

NJ Classic Black

NJ Classic Choco

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