NJ India Trading Pvt. Ltd is the Top Roofing Company in Wayanad, India. NJ always take the risk of customer satisfaction. Our roofing company first and importent priority is the roofing materials Quality and variety.

Generally NJ India Top Roofing company in Wayanad, Kerala have lot of different roofing materials and rain gutters. we have lot of storage spaces for storing of variety roofing products. NJ India roofing always brand one in roofing industry, Because Our roofing materials Quality and roofing installation services are Best. If any customer contact our head office, you will surely get best solutions for all your roofing needs. Because our staffs are sure to treat you well. For that we have an experienced and knowledgeable team.

Roofing materials

NJ Top Roofing Company in Wayanad Provides Quality Roofing Shingles

NJ Top Roofing Company in Wayanad, Kerala is Basically NJ contributes Branded roofing materials. we offers Roofing Shingles from Russia. The NJ shingles brand is Docke. In India we are the only supplier of the high Quality Branded shingles from Docke. The specialities of Docke shingles are Best Quality, long lasting, eco friendly, etc. NJ shingles are Light weight. Then The series has a 30-year warranty and is built of oxidized bitumen. Classic cuts and conventional color schemes are including throughout the series. It is simple to install shingles with a revolutionary adhesive technology on roof slopes of any design and complexity.

Top Roofing Company in Wayanad

NJ Ceramic Roof Tiles

The NJ Top Roofing Company in Wayanad, Kerala another roofing product is NJ premium Ceramic Roof tiles. The ceramic tiles are Premium Quality tiles. The NJ Ceramic Roof Tiles also a Branded product. The Tile making with Best Grade white clay. usually other roofing company have ceramic roof tiles with normal clay . But NJ have Premium Quality Ceramic Roof tiles with an affodable price.

NJ Premium Basak Roof Tiles

NJ Top Roofing Company in Wayanad, Kerala another roofing material is Clay roof tiles. The clay roof tiles Brand is Basak. The NJ premium Clay roof tiles speciality is the Tile make from Turkey soil. we use this tile for roofing, it gives cool effect in hot climate. Basak roof tiles are prevent algal infection and fire resistance. NJ premium Basak Clay Tiles are very much suitable for the Kerala climates.

Top Roofing Company Wayanad offers Best Premium Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

NJ Premium Quality stone coated metal roof tiles are the best metal roof tiles in India. The metal sheet with Aluminized Zinc coating covered by Stone chips and Secured with an Acrylic film. Basically The stone coated metal roof tiles have lot of advantages. If any rain fall conditions the NJ stone coated metal roof tiles giving you a noice free ambience compair to other company’s metal roof tiles. Becuase of the NJ stone coated metal roof tiles are Premium Quality roof tiles. The surface of metal sheet have stone granules, it reduce the sound due to rain fall on metal sheets. The other specialty is that the building’s interior temperature is reduce by using metal roof tiles with NJ stone coating.

Roofing Company in Wayanad