NJ India Trading Pvt. Ltd is a Top Roofing company in Pattanamtitta, India. NJ always bears the risk of customer satisfaction. Roofing quality and variety are top priorities for our roofing company.

In general, NJ India Top Roofing company located in Pattanamtitta, Kerala stocks a wide range of roofing materials and gutters. Our company has a number of storage rooms for storing various roofing materials. NJ India Top Roofing company in Pathanamthitta has always been a brand in the roofing industry as the quality of our roofing materials and roof installation services is the best. Customers can contact our head office to ensure the best solution for all their roofing needs. Because our employees are guarante to care about you. We have an experienced and capable team to make this happen.

Roofing materials

NJ Top Roofing Company in Pathanamthitta Provides Quality Roofing Shingles

Top roofing company in Pattanamtitta, Kerala offer essentially New Jersey branded roofing. We offer shingles made in Russia. NJ’s brand of shingles is Docke. In India, we are the only supplier of Docke’s high quality brand shingles. Docke shingles are characterizing by the highest quality, durability and environmental friendliness. NJ shingles are lightweight. This series has a 30 year warranty and is made from oxidized asphalt. Classic cuts and traditional colors run through the entire range. The innovative bonding technology allows the shingles to be easily installed on any design or complex pitched roof.

Top Roofing Company in Pathanamthitta

NJ Ceramic Roof Tiles

NJ Top Roofing Company in Pattanamthitta, Kerala Another roofing product is the NJ Premium Ceramic Roofing Tile. Ceramic Roof tiles are the highest quality tiles. NJ ceramic roof tiles are also brand products. The tiles are generate from high quality white clay. Other roofers usually use plain clay ceramic roof tiles. But New Jersey has affordable, high-quality ceramic roof tiles.

NJ Premium Basak Roof Tiles

Generally NJ Top Roofing Company in Pattanamtitta, Kerala Another roofing material is clay roof tiles. Then The brand of clay roof tiles is Basak. A specialty of New NJ’s premium clay roof tiles are tiles make from Turkish soil. So The roof is making of this tile and provides coolness in hot climates. At Firstly Basak roof tiles prevent algae growth and are fire resistant. So The High quality Basak clay tiles from NJ India are perfect for the climate of Kerala.

Top Roofing Company Pathanamthitta offers Best Premium Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

NJ’s premium quality stone coated metal roofing tiles are the best metal roofing tiles in India. A metal plate with an aluminium zinc coating is covere with stone chips and fix with an acrylic plate. Basically, stone coated metal roof tiles have many advantages. When it rains, New Jersey stone face metal roof tiles provide a noise-free atmosphere compared to other metal roof tiles. Because metal roof tiles coated with New Jersey stone are the highest quality roof tiles. The surface of the stone coated metal sheet is composed of pebbles, which reduces noise on the sheet metal cause by rain. Another feature is that the temperature inside the building is lower by using metal tiles with NJ stone on the surface.

Roofing Company in Pathanamthitta