In India’s Top Roofing Company in Kollam is NJ India Trading Pvt. Ltd. NJ consistently assumes the risk of client satisfaction. The quality and diversity of the roofing materials is our roofing company’s top focus.

Rain gutters and a variety of roofing materials are typically available at NJ India Top Roofing Company in Kollam, Kerala. We have numerous storage areas for a wide range of roofing goods. Because of the superior quality of our roofing materials and roofing installation services, NJ India Roofing has always held the top spot in the roofing market. Customers who contact our corporate office will undoubtedly receive the greatest solutions for all of their roofing demands. Because you will receive good treatment from our team. We have a seasoned and knowledgeable team for that.

Roofing materials

NJ Top Roofing Company in Kollam Provides Quality Roofing Shingles

NJ Top Roofing Company in Kollam, Kerala is basically NJ involved in branded materials. we offer roof tiles from Russia. The brand name for NJ shingles is Docke. We are the only supplier of quality branded Roof Tiles in India. Docke tents are characterized by the best quality, longevity, environmental friendliness, etc. NJ Shingles is mild. Then the series has a 30-year guarantee and is made of oxidized bitumen. The entire series includes classic cuts and traditional color schemes. Installation of shingles with revolutionary adhesive technology is easy on all types and complex roof slopes.

Top Roofing Company in Kollam

NJ Ceramic Roof Tiles

Another roofing product from NJ Top Roofing Company in Kollam, Kerala is NJ Premium Ceramic Roof Tiles. Ceramic tiles are high quality tiles. NJ Ceramic Tiles is also a brand name product. Making tiles from the best grade white clay. usually other roofing companies have ceramic tiles with regular clay. But NJ has quality ceramic tiles at an affordable price.

NJ Premium Basak Roof Tiles

Another roofing material from NJ Top Roofing Company in Kollam, Kerala is clay roof tiles. Basically The brand of clay roof tiles is Basak. Then The special feature of NJ Premium Clay roof tiles is that they are making from Turkish soil. we use this brick for roof, it gives cool effect in hot climate. Basak roof tiles prevent algae contamination and are fire resistant. NJ superior Basak Clay tiles are very suitable for Kerala climate.

Top Roofing Company Kollam offers Best Premium Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

NJ Premium Quality Stone Clad Metal Roof Tiles are the best metal roof tiles in India. Aluminum zinc coated metal plate covered with stone chips and protected with an acrylic film. Basically, stone coated metal roof tiles have many advantages. When it rains, NJ Stone Clad Metal Roof Tiles will give you a quiet atmosphere compared to metal roof tiles from other manufacturers. NJ Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles are quality roofing tiles. The metal sheet has stone grains on its surface, which reduces the sound of rain on the metal sheets. Another special feature is that the use of NJ stone-coated metal roof tiles lowers the internal temperature of the building.

Top Roofing Company Kollam

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