NJ India is the best Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles company in Kasaragod. We offers best roofing products and better roofing services. Generally Stone-coated metal roof tiles which is made of steel sheets and covered in stone granules. Combines the strength and excellent performance. Then metal roofing with the visual appeal of more conventional roofing materials like clay tiles, wood shakes, and asphalt shingles. So The strength of commercial metal roofing is combined with the visual appeal of conventional roofing materials in stone-coated metal roofing. A stone-coated steel roofing system appears to have many advantages. It lasts more time. Basically The lifespan of this kind of roof is substantially longer than that of ordinary shingles. With the proper level of care, it can survive between four and seven decades as opposed to 20.

Why Choose NJ Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile?

Stone-coated metal roof  tiles by NJ India Trading Pvt. Ltd come in a variety of colours. Then were developed with consideration for natural hues. Each hue offers the opportunity to improve the design. That will become the hallmark of your home, whether used singly or in combination.

Stone-coated metal roof  tiles by NJ India is an extraordinary union of revered traditions and contemporary technology. Our metal roofing sheets are beautifully constructed from stone-coated steel, a lightweight material.

NJ roofs have a long history of versatility, performance, and longevity. Also NJ Tiles lend a particular charm to any home. To best suit your demands for your home, you can choose from a selection of roofing tile colours. The most common type of roofing material worldwide is NJ metal roof tile with a stone coating.

Stone Coated Roof Tiles Firm Kasaragod

Best Stone Coated Roofing Sheets Firm

NJ India is the best roofing materials provider in entire roofing industry in India. we have much more roofing products.

Especially One of the best residential house roofing options, the Stone coated metal roofing tiles from NJ India. NJ roofing are highly lightweight and can enhance the stunning aspect of your home with their distinctive design. If you’re looking for the best roofing services, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled team is committed to providing you with the highest quality services.

Stone-coated roofing tiles are created from steel that has had its zinc coating aluminized, then the steel is covered in stone chips and secured with an acrylic film. The ultimate result is a roof that is more resilient and still has the appealing qualities of a high-quality roof, like classic or tile.

A stone-coated roof tile is often regarded as the most resilient and long-lasting of all metal roofs, as well as being very eco-friendly and energy-efficient. With its exquisite form and variety of colours, it can improve the look of your roof.

Strong winds, torrential rain, scorching heat, and other extreme weather conditions are all capable of damaging uncoated steel roofs.

stone coated metal roof tiles Kasaragod

Which is the best stone coated metal roof tiles supplier in Kerala

NJ India is the Best stone coated metal roof tiles in Kerala. Because there are so many different shapes and colours to choose from, stone-coated steel roofing is a very popular option. Almost any natural roofing material, such as slate, wood shakes, clay tiles. Conventional asphalt mixtures, can be imitated by these metal roofing shingles. There is a stone coated steel option that will improve the appeal of your property, regardless of the architectural type.

In the United States, NJ India Roof Tile Steel Roof Tiles are categorized as a “Class A” Fire Rated. Non Combustible Roofing Material. People have begun choosing NJ India roofing tiles in India because they offer a leak-proof solution. Then give forth a good aesthetic look to Indian homes and buildings. NJ India’s Stone Coated Metal Roofing is one of the most lasting roofing systems in the Roofing business.

Using NJ India Roofing Tiles in India Has Many Advantages

The NJ India stone-coated Metal roof tile will offer you great corrosion resistance qualities. Because it is constructed of aluminum-zinc coated steel, which India experiences a lot of.

To give a high-quality weather coating for any property in India. NJ stone-coated metal roof tiles have a thick coat of acrylic basecoat, ceramic-coated volcanic stone chips, and acrylic overglaze.

 The roof will receive a semi-gloss finish and a coating of 100% transparent acrylic resin for chip binding. These are ideal for homes located in India’s coldest state.

For chip binding, a coating of 100% transparent acrylic resin with a semi-gloss finish will be applied to the roof. These are perfect for houses in the coldest state of India.

stone coated metal roof tiles Kasaragod
Best Quality Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

NJ India has gained ISO 9001 accreditations, which reassures customers that their goods are created and developed to maintain high-quality standards. NJ India is an appealing and shrewd choice as a roofing solution.

The roofing system from NJ India uses distinctive horizontal fastening methods that can withstand wind uplift forces of up to 120 mph. There are many requests from customers in India for the installation of NJ India roofing materials since it would help deter break-ins from the rooftop.

Products made of steel from NJ India can be recycled once they have reached the end of their useful lives. It won’t be comparable to any raw production in the future, but it will be valuable for creating new goods.

There is no possibility of your roof being hotter throughout the summer because there is no airspace between the roof deck and the NJ India roof panel. As an insulator, the airspace keeps solar heat from penetrating a roof and entering your house. This area’s insulation will help in the winter to lessen the creation of ice dams, which will help to minimize roof leaks. You are encouraged to utilize it in India during both the summer and winter seasons thanks to this function. It has a roofing system that is incredibly light about 1/7 the weight of conventional roof tiles.