NJ BASAK – This is a part of the NJ India Trading PVT.LTD. It started its operations 15 years and it offers an array of unique and specialized products for your roofing solution like clay roof tile and roofing shingles, ceramic roof tile, stone coated sheets, Rain gutters, etc. our products have an advantage in the Indian market because we offer world-class roofing solutions with premium quality. With our drive to care for nature and its precious but limited resources, we have made our products.

The Basak clay roof tiles last long and are strong enough for your dream homes. Clay acts as a natural heat resistant material for roofs making it suitable for topical heat insulation and comfort. The highly advanced Japanese technology and the exceptional treatment at 100c temperature molds the clay into a smooth, sturdy, and durable roof protection. With remarkable quality and premium manufacturing standards. 

         NJ BASAK is your trusted source for clay tile roofing. Our quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and superior customer service make us the perfect choice for any roofing project. Get a free quote today and experience the NJ BASAK difference!

Leak Proof
Light Weight
Thermal Insulation
According to European Standard
Frost Resistant
Flexural Strength

★ Length: 461 mm

★ Width: 275 mm

★ Weight: 3,800 kg

★ Units/m2:11*

★ Usable length: 385 mm

★ Usable width:215 mm

★ Longitudinal overlap: 76 mm

★ Transverse overlap:60 mm

★ Distance between battens: 385 mm

★ Longitudinal clearance: 17 mm

★ Transverse clearance: 14 mm

★ Pallet contents: 240 units