The top manufacturer of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles in Kozhikode is NJ India. We provide superior roofing services and the best roofing products. Generally Stone grains are apply to steel sheets to create this roof tiles. combines power and superior performance. the aesthetic appeal of more traditional roofing materials like clay tiles, wood shakes, and asphalt shingles, followed by metal roofing. Stone-coated metal roofing thus combines the durability of commercial metal roofing with the aesthetic appeal of traditional roofing materials. The advantages of a stone-coated steel roofing system seem to be numerous. It lasts longer. Basically This type of roof has a significantly longer lifespan than typical shingles. It can survive between and with the right amount of care.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles in Kozhikode

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles 35 Years Warranty

The stone-coated metal roof tiles in Kozhikode offered in a variety of hues by NJ India Trading Pvt. Ltd. Then were creates taking into account natural hues. Every colour presents an opportunity to enhance the design. Whether it’s employe separately or in combination, that will come to represent your house.
NJ India’s Roofing products represent a remarkable fusion of time-honored traditions and cutting-edge technology. Our stone coating steel metal roofing sheets have a stunning design and are making of a lightweight material.
NJ Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles have a reputation for being adaptable, effective, and durable. Additionally, any residence is give a certain charm with NJ Tiles. You can select from a variety of roofing tile hues to best meet your needs for your property. The most popular kind of roofing material is NJ stone coating metal roof tiles.

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In India’s complete roofing sector, NJ India is the best supplier of roofing supplies. We offer a wide range of roofing products.

Especially The Stone coated metal roof tiles in Kozhikode from NJ India are among the greatest solutions for residential homes. NJ roofing are quite lightweight and, thanks to its unique design, can accentuate your home’s beautiful features. You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re seeking for the greatest roofing services. So Our knowledgeable team is dedicates to giving you the best possible services.
Steel that had its zinc coating aluminized is used to make stone-coated metal roof tiles in Kozhikode. After the steel has been covers with stone chips, it is protects with an acrylic film. The end result is a roof that is more durable when maintained.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles in Kozhikode

Which is the best stone coated metal roof tiles supplier in Kerala

NJ India is the Best stone coated metal roof tiles in Kozhikode, Kerala. Because there are so many different shapes and colours to choose from, stone-coated steel roofing is a very popular option. Almost any natural roofing material, such as slate, wood shakes, clay tiles, or conventional asphalt mixtures, can be imitate by these metal roofing shingles. There is a stone coate steel option that will improve the appeal of your property, regardless of the architectural type.

In the United States, NJ India Roof Tile Steel Roof Tiles are categorize as a “Class A” Fire Rated, Non Combustible Roofing Material.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles in Kozhikode