Shingles Services

Certain regulations govern the installation of shingles, ensuring the safety of customers’ homes and workers. NJ India has highly skilled and experienced roofing shingle installation workers.

Roofing Shingle installation processes

● Pre – installation checklist – Before we begin your project, we go over the checklist and ensure that the roofing installation is both safe and efficient.

● Measuring the roof – before we begin your project, we correctly measure the width and length of each section of roof

● Put safety first – we make sure that the workers are safe. Before we began your project

● Install deck protection and starter shingles – after all the above process It’s time to put the roof deck protection . These roof components serve as a weather proofing and protective barrier between your home and the elements, preventing water and cold temperatures from entering.

● Install your roofing shingles – So at the end we roll out the roofing shingles by proper nailing technique and gumming.

● Bracing installation

Benefits of shingles installation

● Versatility

● Durability

● Numerous designs

● Inhibits algae growth

● Sound protection

● Sustainability

● Energy efficiency